About Me

In 2005 I discovered that I had a gift of working with my hands and helping others. Since that time I made it my life’s work to help and improve the lives of others through massage, yoga and other wellness practices.

After graduating from The Vermont Institute of Massage in 2006 and then 2 years of apprentice work I founded Exuma Massage in 2008. Since that time I have been providing professional massage services to the island of Exuma and its visitors.

I am a certified massage therapist (over 11 years) and yoga instructor (over 7 years). I help people improve their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, reconnect to their inner self, find energy, rebalance and instill a healthy lifestyle through yoga and massage.

I am trained in a number of modalities and have logged several thousand hours in a variety of massage techniques and spa treatments. I have worked in The Bahamas both independently and as a massage therapist for multiple resort spas. My skills, caring nature and experience as a massage therapist is what I offer to my clients in every session.

After many years of privately practicing yoga I was asked, in 2011, to teach daily yoga classes at a major resort here in The Bahamas, as well as two smaller resorts. This prompted me to study for and achieve my teacher’s certification in 2013. Since that time I have been providing private instruction to those wishing to find greater wellness in their life.

I remain committed and passionately focused in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the artistry and complexity of the human body. It is my intent to help as many people as I can achieve their goals whether that be a well deserved pampering session, soothing an aching back, relieving painful chronic conditions, or increasing mobility and wellness through a
private yoga session.

Due to my professional experience and dedication, most of my clients are referrals.

My Certificates include, but not limited to:

Swedish, Thai yoga massage, deep tissue, hot stone, prenatal, reiki, advanced myofascial techniques (secrets of the spine and rib issues), hatha yoga instructor, small business management.

Why I do what I do?

Simply because I love it! The joy I receive from positively adding to a person’s day is enormous. It’s satisfying that I can facility in making a difference in the life of another. I believe in the work I do and take great pride in providing you with the best massage & yoga session possible. Even after 11 years of massage, I still come across new challenges and exciting things to learn
from each client.